Cheetah Ad Platform

  • Massive Global Reach

    Over 440M monthly active users

    Engaged audiences deliver performance

  • Data Fueled

    Power of big data: from acquisition to retention

    Sophisticated, dynamic targeting

    ROI-driven campaign optimization

  • Brand Stewardship

    Innovative Ad formats, brand-friendly content

    Trust, for your brand and for your performance

Cheetah Apps

No.2 Android Developer Worldwide

  • Flagship Mobile Apps

    Owned and operated apps like Clean Master, CM Security, Cheetah Browser, Battery Doctor provide premium inventory for advertisers

  • Premium Ad Placements

    High-impact, innovative Ad units: native, in-stream, interstitial, in-banner and video formats are designed to attract and engage consumers

Cheetah Orion

High-Touch Service Combined With Sophisticated Data Insights

  • Converting Data Into Audience Insights

    Leverage over a billion mobile users’ anonymous behavioral traits to construct a sophisticated, dynamic categorization that goes beyond common demographic and psychographic segmentation

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    Media Planning At Your Fingertips

    Estimate reach for your target audience

  • Performance-Driven Results

    Optimize towards the key performance indicators that matter to you, and report on them real time. From the first impression to post-install in-app events, we track and attribute back to the media source

  • DataSync Optimization

    Campaign data gets smarter by the second to increase ROI

  • Re-targeting

    Re-engage users to return to your app with targeted campaigns


Campaign Management

  • Dedicated Account Team

    Campaign strategy, marketing support and technical support

  • Local Presence

    In more countries than any other media partner to help you tailor strategies by region

  • Daily Progress Tracking

    Monitor, support and advise publisher affiliates, along with tracking reports, results analysis, and optimization recommendations