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    Mobile Audiences, Data Intelligence

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    Leverage proprietary, first-party data to reach and engage users at scale

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Massive, Global Reach Reach and Engage Global Audiences at Scale

Data Points

Data-Fueled Marketing Big Data Targeting and Optimization


Brand Stewardship Innovative Ad Formats, Brand-Friendly Content

Cheetah Orion

Advanced Targeting to Engage the Ideal Consumer

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Converting Data Into Audience Insights

Sophisticated, dynamic categorization that goes beyond common demographic and psychographic segmentation

Media Planning At Your Fingertips

Estimate reach for your target audience. Identify customers in-market for your product at the right place and right time.

Performance-Driven Results

From the first impression to post-install in-app events, we attribute and assess effectiveness of the media source in real time

DataSync Optimization

Campaign data gets smarter by the second to increase ROI

Cheetah Apps

No.3 Mobile App Developer Worldwide

Flagship Mobile Apps

The world's #3 mobile publisher. A highly-rated suite of mission-critical applications provide premium inventory for advertisers.

Premium, Native Ad Placements

High-impact, innovative ad formats designed to attract, engage and convert consumers.